Looking for Natural Relief of Aches and Pains?

I review hands-on solutions for muscle, tendon, and joint pain.

Hi! I'm Alex Gwozda, CMT/LMP

I'm an experienced clinical massage therapist since 2011.  I've invested thousands of hours resolving clients' pains, as well as my own muscle and joint pain from strains, sprains, tendonitis, computer work, manual labor, scoliosis, and more...   I feel your pain - believe me!!!

Every week I review and rate manual self-treatments from years of experience as well as the best videos, books, websites, experts, and articles I can find.

My mission here is to organize and evaluate self-treatment solutions that are scattered everywhere.  Google shows what’s popular and relevant, but not necessarily what’s right…  Plus, healthcare practitioners get expensive and time-consuming.  I’m tired of people being over-dependent on appointments, including with massage therapists like me!

So, I rate possible solutions by ease, time, and cost.  Solutions include:

  • how to best use tools, like rollers
  • therapeutic mobilizations
  • rehabilitative exercises
  • strategic stretches
  • effective self-massage
  • neuromuscular techniques
  • over-the-counter supports and posture aids
  • (re)injury prevention


See my Resources page for recommended resources outside my expertise:  supplements, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, psychological approaches, and much more.


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