Lower Back: The Simplest Psoas Stretch for Sitting Stress

Lower Back: The Simplest Psoas Stretch for Sitting Stress
4.5 Reviewer
Potential Relief3
Low cost5
Low time investment5
Watch the video in this review: Stand with one foot in front of the other, front knee bent and back leg straight. Keep your back tall and vertical. Move your hip forward, and tilt the bowl of your hip backward, to feel a stretch through the front of your hip and lower abdomen. This stretch can relieve chronic tension in the psoas muscles along with other front of hip muscles, typically from chronic sitting, which contributes to a LOT of lower back pain.
  • Potential relief: 3 – For those who sit, it often can relieve many aches and pains when done consistently. The more pain you have, the more you may need to combine this stretch with self-massage techniques.
  • Universality: 4 - Most people who sit a lot will benefit greatly from this simple correction.
  • Ease: 5 – It takes a couple of minutes to figure out. This video gives clear directions, however, making it easy to get right. You can use a wall or object for balance.
  • Low cost: 5 – Utterly free.
  • Low time investment: 5 – Most people benefit from just a quick 20-second stretch on each side when they stand up from sitting, or get out of the car. More benefit comes from longer 30-60 second stretches as you can tolerate.
  • Comfort: 5 – Should feel totally comfortable and painless.

From chronic sitting, most people have a pair of chronically shortened psoas muscles. These deep hip flexor muscles connect your inner thigh to the front of the lumbar spine, and can pull your thigh and belly together.

Often, the opposite lower back muscles tighten to keep the spine upright.  When both the front and back of the spine tighten, you get compression!  The compression and tensions can all cause pain.


Excellent, Clear Video of Standing Psoas Stretch

I’ve found this video that demonstrates where the psoas muscle is, shows the anatomical drawing, and accurately demonstrates the most practical psoas stretch I’ve found.  As described in this review’s summary, you just need to stand!  Watch:


Many psoas stretches you’ll find require another person to help, or inconvenient scenario like lying on the edge of a table.  Most of you don’t need this!  Stand, and use a wall or surface to help with balance if you need it.

I’ve taught this to people as something to do right after they get out of the car, or up from their office chair.  It simply works and helps.

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